Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentines Day?


Happy. Valentines. Day. I hope your day is filled with love, congratulations to having your heart skipping a beat when you’re with that person.
What… you’re not feeling the love? Me either, honestly. Call me a scrooge but this is certainly a played out holiday. Though, I do have fond memories of handing out little paper hearts to my classmates and eating lots of candies. I remember buying those tiny packages of Valentine’s Day cards and filling out each classmates name. Aw, how I cherish my days in elementary school!
Now I’m old (okay not that old) and each year I am finding myself single and unattached. Though it’s no big deal, it would still be nice to be surprised with some flowers. And please, no red roses. I don’t like roses. they’re prickly, bad for the environment, and smell funny. I wouldn’t mind a bouquet of wild flowers. they’re more unique, kind of exotic, and most importantly perfectly imperfect.
As for a dream V-Day date? Well… maybe we can make a fort out of bed sheets and watch old movies. lame? No, no not at all… I like these kind of things. I love having picnics too. But it’s definitely too windy outside. So we’d have to enjoy an indoor picnic and eat finger sandwiches! I love cute food and since we’re being so cute, I think it would be cute if we baked together too. We can play scrabble! Cute, cute, and more cute for us cuties, right? Then… Um, I don’t know. Romance to me mustn’t be planned. It is all about spontaneity! But nothing too crazy though…I am not really high-maintenance, I just like being partially surprised.
Goodness I’m really sleepy so, this probably makes the least bit of sense. I feel kind of festive; I’m wearing a red shirt that says “Merci beaucoup” Thank-you very much. Yes, thank-you very much for wasting your time by reading this collage of misplaced verbs and nouns. Happy Valentine’s Day!!