Sunday, April 17, 2011

less is more

Hello, hello, hello!

The weekend arrives as quickly as it ends. I remember being little and anticipating the days for Friday to arrive! I used to throw the best sleepovers, and we would get in all sorts of trouble which was always thrilling! Come to think of it when I was a younger I got grounded all the time! But, not for getting caught smoking cigarettes or missing curfew, it was always things like not cleaning my room or using my computer past 9pm. My dad was very overprotective with my computer usage...amongst other things. Oh dear, there I go rambling again! Where was I? Oh, yeah my weekend...

Friday wasn’t that eventful so, I’ll save you and I the time and describe it in three words: work, margherita-pizza, and sleep!

Saturday was rainy and yucky but, I managed to whip up some thumbprint cookies, sketch a little, and attempted to sew a “yo-yo” for my mom’s quilt. I started getting really bad joint pains and a migraine in the afternoon which made me feel pretty crummy and downright nasty! I hid from the world, wrapped myself up in a fuzzy blanket, and watched Everybody Hates Chris. My mom made lentil soup with fresh Sofrito which actually made me feel a lot better. Magical soup? Yes!

Sunday was oh so beautiful. Relaxing, uplifting, comforting, and very delicious! The weather was finally cooperating, I saw so many beautiful trees covered with purple and pink flowers. So, GORGEOUS! (sorry springtime makes me so happy) After a great message at church, I went to the diner for lunch with my family; we talked, laughed, ate, and got ice cream cones afterward. It was really nice out so I hung out with Aria, Margaret, and David in the backyard where we hung out and just enjoyed the fresh air. Then I came home and just loafed with Miss Gusty and my dad poked me continuously with a stick... What's your idea of the perfect Sunday?

Well my friends, there you have it my weekend in a nutshell!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

and so

Over these past few months (maybe even years) I thought I’d never see inspiration again. Everything seemed out of reach, I was annoyed with everything, and things were so cloudy. But things are different now and I am amazed with how quickly God is changing my outlook on life. He has been providing me with me patience, love, and strength to move past my own feelings and I thank him every day for that.

Hello my dears!
Every single day I’ve been waking up with thoughts circulating through the inside of my brain. These thoughts aren’t anything like the ones in the past either! They are special and have meaning to them. It’s kind of like I’ve been zapped by a lighting of inspiration and if I don’t write any of this down, I’ll lose it. SO, brace yourselves babies this is might be a long post!

I’ve been really inspired to get working on my projects. Yes, there’s always been talk of these projects. But I never actually made the effort to making them come to life! After all... I was uninspired and mentally distressed. Things are a lot better now and with that being the case, it's time to take responsibility and get active!

"Operation Workout Wear"

Aria and I are always saying how we want to create a line of active wear. Our goal is to design active wear that’s caters to every body type, is affordable, stylish, and most importantly flattering. The first step for us would be to sketch original designs and figure out what women would be willing to buy. We need to start by doing some serious planning!

"Operation Hospitality"

I’m really passionate about pursuing a career in hospitality. If you haven’t already noticed: I love to cook and bake for people! I want to share my passion with others by feeding them nutritious and healthy cuisines to promote wellness and balance. I think I can make that happen by playing host and throwing together dinner parties. They’d be themed parties and encourage people to grow closer with each other and maybe develop new friendships. I find myself at my happiest when everyone is well-fed, comfortable, and smiling.

The planning begins... NOW!

Oh, and here's a list of short-term goals for my own satisfaction (because, even the littlest things count!):
keep myself balanced, drive a car by myself, paint my room, make friends, and learn more speak/learn more Spanish.


Monday, April 4, 2011

wake up it's spring

It’s April and there’s nothing more inspiring to me than the transition of winter becoming spring. It starts off slow but ends magically once May arrives and the flowers become the size of my head! It’s the easiest place to find love, appreciate the outdoors, and wear minimal clothing. I am attached to this sensation of warm weather and becoming one with the birds; free, secure, and peaceful. It’s possible that this peace will be gone tomorrow and that’s why I must record it.

I hope all of your weekends were filled with excitement. Mine was a "relaxing but still pretty eventful" kind of weekend. It started off a little slow. I spent the morning cleaning the house which is somehow very relaxing and baked a chocolate cake with fresh strawberry frosting. The frosting was a little too buttery for my liking and I wasn't happy with it's presentation, but my family and friends seemed to enjoy it, and that's all that matters. After a few hours of great relaxation, Aria and I went to Zumba! Man, I forgot how much fun those classes can be! The class was super energetic and after class I felt fantastic. We then ended the night watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Dude… that movie was perfect and adorable: “The cheese touch.” HAHA, I loved it.

What happened on Saturday? Um... I went to the dentist and mall with Aria, we basically just ran some errands and then we got coffee ice cream. When I came home, I took a long nap and woke up feeling extremely cranky. For some reason long naps always make me more tired. So, I ended up falling asleep while watching a movie. Alas, my Saturday night had been a pattern of waking up to pee, eat, and then fall asleep again. Somehow I woke up again and it was already Sunday morning… The day consisted of going to Church, eating grilled cheese sandwiches, and ended with lovely date in Princeton with Margaret, Aria, and David. I’d say my weekend was worthy of sharing, was yours?