Sunday, April 17, 2011

less is more

Hello, hello, hello!

The weekend arrives as quickly as it ends. I remember being little and anticipating the days for Friday to arrive! I used to throw the best sleepovers, and we would get in all sorts of trouble which was always thrilling! Come to think of it when I was a younger I got grounded all the time! But, not for getting caught smoking cigarettes or missing curfew, it was always things like not cleaning my room or using my computer past 9pm. My dad was very overprotective with my computer usage...amongst other things. Oh dear, there I go rambling again! Where was I? Oh, yeah my weekend...

Friday wasn’t that eventful so, I’ll save you and I the time and describe it in three words: work, margherita-pizza, and sleep!

Saturday was rainy and yucky but, I managed to whip up some thumbprint cookies, sketch a little, and attempted to sew a “yo-yo” for my mom’s quilt. I started getting really bad joint pains and a migraine in the afternoon which made me feel pretty crummy and downright nasty! I hid from the world, wrapped myself up in a fuzzy blanket, and watched Everybody Hates Chris. My mom made lentil soup with fresh Sofrito which actually made me feel a lot better. Magical soup? Yes!

Sunday was oh so beautiful. Relaxing, uplifting, comforting, and very delicious! The weather was finally cooperating, I saw so many beautiful trees covered with purple and pink flowers. So, GORGEOUS! (sorry springtime makes me so happy) After a great message at church, I went to the diner for lunch with my family; we talked, laughed, ate, and got ice cream cones afterward. It was really nice out so I hung out with Aria, Margaret, and David in the backyard where we hung out and just enjoyed the fresh air. Then I came home and just loafed with Miss Gusty and my dad poked me continuously with a stick... What's your idea of the perfect Sunday?

Well my friends, there you have it my weekend in a nutshell!


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