Thursday, April 7, 2011

and so

Over these past few months (maybe even years) I thought I’d never see inspiration again. Everything seemed out of reach, I was annoyed with everything, and things were so cloudy. But things are different now and I am amazed with how quickly God is changing my outlook on life. He has been providing me with me patience, love, and strength to move past my own feelings and I thank him every day for that.

Hello my dears!
Every single day I’ve been waking up with thoughts circulating through the inside of my brain. These thoughts aren’t anything like the ones in the past either! They are special and have meaning to them. It’s kind of like I’ve been zapped by a lighting of inspiration and if I don’t write any of this down, I’ll lose it. SO, brace yourselves babies this is might be a long post!

I’ve been really inspired to get working on my projects. Yes, there’s always been talk of these projects. But I never actually made the effort to making them come to life! After all... I was uninspired and mentally distressed. Things are a lot better now and with that being the case, it's time to take responsibility and get active!

"Operation Workout Wear"

Aria and I are always saying how we want to create a line of active wear. Our goal is to design active wear that’s caters to every body type, is affordable, stylish, and most importantly flattering. The first step for us would be to sketch original designs and figure out what women would be willing to buy. We need to start by doing some serious planning!

"Operation Hospitality"

I’m really passionate about pursuing a career in hospitality. If you haven’t already noticed: I love to cook and bake for people! I want to share my passion with others by feeding them nutritious and healthy cuisines to promote wellness and balance. I think I can make that happen by playing host and throwing together dinner parties. They’d be themed parties and encourage people to grow closer with each other and maybe develop new friendships. I find myself at my happiest when everyone is well-fed, comfortable, and smiling.

The planning begins... NOW!

Oh, and here's a list of short-term goals for my own satisfaction (because, even the littlest things count!):
keep myself balanced, drive a car by myself, paint my room, make friends, and learn more speak/learn more Spanish.


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