Wednesday, May 4, 2011

oh dear.

I apologize for my inactiveness my dears! I’ve been SO busy and heavily immersed with my hectic life. Yes, telling you a fib. The truth is…

I am slowly becoming that very blah person in the room…You know the girl who looks like she doesn’t care about anything while she sits alone, and complains about how lonely she is. (Yes, I am aware of how pathetic that sounds!) But I really did start this month on the wrong foot and haven’t been having the best attitude. What’s my excuse? Pure laziness! I’ve fallen into a lazy spell and it’s affected all aspects of my life; writing, reading, cooking, and spending time with people. I hate falling into these ruts of not caring! Because it’s possible to change this situation before I allow it to worsen, I am pushing myself out of this black and white hole and stepping into this admirable month of May with a positive attitude! Now putting all funky attitudes aside and stepping into my happy shoes, I am really looking forward to this month and the summer to come!

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