Thursday, March 24, 2011

lazy posts...

Good morning my friends!

Waking up these past two mornings have been a little strange. I am not quite sure why either, I suppose it's all this blue weather. My bod iz achin' a bit but that's okay, tomorrow is Friday and that's always a plus!

Yesterday, I went to my mom's job where there was help needed. I helped organize and edit titles of church services for a few hours. It was an easy job that needed to be taken care of and I was grateful to be of help. I felt bad because there was so many little things that need to be taken care of and there really isn't much time for them to manage. So, I am definitely going to serve more by doing these simple tasks.

After helping, I stayed with my mom for a little while and got to see her job. As a receptionist her job affords her a lot down time and she uses that time to read and study. My sister came to pick me up and I relaxed the rest of the day. Tired, I, was. Reading this probably makes you a little tired as well. The truth is... my life is not that interesting right now. I am not complaining, it's just how things are at the moment, and moments are always changing! Awesome things are happening around me though. For example, my sister finally got the promotion she's been anticipating. How exciting!

Oh! I started a reading a new bible study on Philippians. The theme is joy and a topic that's been on my heart lately. It should be a treat because my mom, sister, and I are going to get together on Saturday's to discuss what we read. I like to think of it as great opportunity for us to grow closer in both ourselves and in Christ. Well, I am off, to tackle on the weight of the world. (?!)


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