Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a little thing called insomnia

Today I went to mother's job to help with whatever needed to get done. This weekend is Bridge Fest which literally blows my mind. Last year I was in a terrible mood and I can't remember why. In fact, I was always kind of annoyed with something and very tired; I was going through a lot of weird emotions which controlled my actions.

So, there's something always on my mind. I'm always thinking about something. There's never a time when my thoughts are turned off. It's provided me with both good and bad feelings inside. I don't go by my emotions because my thoughts are always playing tricks on me. Especially when I'm in one of those moody-leave-me-alone kind of moods. I don't why, but I just thought that I'd might share that.

In other news, I finished "Something Borrowed" which I enjoyed very much. I was happier with the book than the movie. Which lacked the best details of the story and I think it would've been so much more interesting if Hillary was in the movie. Son... of a gun! I am definitely reading the sequel "Something Blue" which is Darcy's side of the story. Can't waiiiiit.

Well, I am not tired but am finding it hard to keep my eyes open... If you know what I mean!


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