Thursday, June 16, 2011

hello, goodbye

Today is another morning at the church's office. Hopefully today won't be like Tuesday and I'll have a task today instead of getting stuck doing nothing! I'm not sure what I'm doing today, I've been kind of clueless lately. One thing I am not clueless about is having a lovely day yesterday.

I woke up pretty early ate breakfast and read the bible. Then baked two different types of cupcakes. Cookies 'n' Cream and Chocolate Mocha. I used new recipes and added my own touch to them. (natural sweeteners opposed to cane sugar) After the first batch, I worked out for half an hour and made the second. I went for a nice walk to the library and spent a little time reading. Well, sort of. It was one of those magazines I wouldn't normally read and have a love/hate relationship with. I stopped reading the magazine when I noticed the redundancy and walked back home.

I read more of "Something Borrowed" and ate mango flavored yogurt. That book is surprisingly addictive. Well I wasn't so surprised because my sister (who rarely reads) couldn't manage to put it down. It's actually a million times better than the movie (THANK GOD) and the character Rachel isn't as hopeless. (Maybe because you hear her thoughts and feelings more throughout the book?) I'm always annoyed by how they make movies these days. There's maybe one good okay.. decent movie that is thrown in the mix of newer movies. I doubt it'll get any better and I'm sure it will get worse. Hate to be pessimistic but, people are lowering their standards, and the younger generation has horrible taste. I know, I am no one to say that... but really?!?! Do I need to give examples? (cough, sequels, cough, pregnant teenagers, cough.)

After that I went to a friend's house for a BBQ; I got to see my friend who moved to Florida a few years ago! (I haven't seen her since we started high school... now we're both about to start our second year of college! time... flies.)It was really nice because we always managed to keep in touch and keep our inside jokes alive. Which is rare since a ratio of the friends who moved do not keep in touch and it makes me a little sad. It seems almost like it's too late to replenish a friendship when both people have changed so much. I was so happy to see she was still the same and remembered memories from the past. I'm hoping to visit her in the near future :)

When I came home, I read some more and then fell asleep. Now I'm here. Waiting for a task. Blah.


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