Wednesday, March 30, 2011

an ode to coffee


Warning: I am about to unleash some mixed up words that may not make sense to many of you!

Okay, okay, okay. Where do I even begin? I am a tad bit energetic right now, due to the coffee I have just consumed. I don't understand how people don't like coffee. I mean, it's delicious and it comes in so many different varieties and flavors! I guess it's a cultural thing...Because, I started drinking coffee at the ripe age of nine and I don't remember disliking it. In case you were curious, I prefer my coffee strong and bold. Anyway, all this coffee speak is making me crave coffee ice cream which is not obtainable at the moment! :/

Today I got to sleep in. Well... kind of. I woke up at around eight 'o'clock, did my reading, and ate my morning oats. Then at around 9am I fell asleep and regained consciousness about two hours later. Actually, I had very little consciousness of reality today and felt extremely weak. Very much so the opposite of how I am feeling right now... I don't know, focusing on my emotions has only brought me to anxiety and who needs that? I suppose, I'll cut this post short because I have no idea what else I can tell you about other than rambles about coffee or something else completely irrelevant. Adios for now little sweethearts.


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