Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's the second day of June and the weather is incredible. Nothing like yesterday! The humidity was high, it was also very hot which made me feel very sticky; but enough about the weather.. (it seems like the easiest thing for me to talk about... I actually use it as a device when I'm nervous during small talk!)

Last June I graduated high school which was pretty interesting and freeing. Then college came which was very much like high school only with a little more homework. Since the whole chronic illness fiasco, I miss school terribly. Mostly English class because it involved a lot of writing and reading which always kept me busy. Not going to school and working has had it's highs and mostly it's lows. I can't really say I enjoy having too much time on my hands and I hate doing nothing. These past three months I spent my time: baking, writing, drawing, serving at the church, and reading. Things I do enjoy, but now that I'm feeling less tired and sick, I feel it's time to start working again. Because there's nothing worse than being broke during the summer!

Anyway, things that have been on my mind are mostly summer related! BBQ's, camping, picnics, outdoor concerts... and so on! Well that's I'll have to say for now but I'll write more later. Peace!


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